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    Our Grade A pine nuts is defined based on the following criteria:
    Organoleptic specification
    Flavor and odor:     Type of pinenuts flavor,
                without rancid,bitter or other peculiar odor. 
    Color:     White-yellowish – typical of pinenuts.
    Texture:     Firm, smooth, no brittle, soft or oily.

    Physical specification
    Purity:     Free of foreign material
    Moisture:     3% Max.
    Broken kernels(portion less than 4/5
    of the whole kernel ):      1% Max.
    Oily kernel:     0.5% Max.
    Shriveled kernel:     1.5% Max.

    Microbiological Specification
    Yeast and mold:     less than 5000 CFU/gram
    Salmonella:     negative
    E.Coli:     less than 1 CFU/gram
    Aflatoxin B1:     negative
    Peroxide number:     0.02g/100g
    Freefatty acid values:     0.15% 

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